Encinitas Climate Action Campaign – July 13 Minutes

Attending: Jim, Alan, Alby, Dwain, Helen, Ed

EEC Report On Updating the Encinitas Climate Action Plan: Jim has finished a draft of the report. Since after the July 9 EEC meeting, he is the sole member of the subcommittee on this item, he will present this report to the rest of the Commission in August. If the Commission approves of the report, it will be submitted to Council.

Comment: The Energy Policy Initiative Center (EPIC) of USD is under contract with Encinitas to update the Encinitas GHG inventory and the CAP. EPIC completed the inventory update and submitted the results to the City in March 2015. Since the new inventory uses a different methodology than the previous 2005 inventory used by the current CAP, EPIC is awaiting a response from Encinitas as to which inventory to use for the CAP update. EPIC’s contract is paid for by the Emerging Cities grant from SDG&E and runs out at the end of the year. Therefore, it’s essential that the City respond to EPIC to get their CAP updated at no marginal cost to the City.

EEC Report on the Pros and Cons of Local Community Choice Energy: Jim finished a draft of the report. It is currently undergoing review and revision by the subcommittee appointed during the July 9 EEC meeting (Leah, Joy, and Jim). The subcommittee expects to have a final draft ready for presentation to the rest of the Commission in August. As with the CAP report, if the Commission approves of the report, it will be submitted to Council for further action. The report recommends a list of no-cost or low-cost actions the Council can take to explore the CCE option.

Comment on the CAP and CCE Environmental Commission reports: if both of these reports are approved in August and forwarded to Council, I (Jim) will be most pleased since it will represent lightning-fast action. These Commissioner-Initiated items were added to the draft EEC Work Plan in April and May and approved by Council in June. In comparison, I wrote a report on why we should ban Styrofoam food containers in April 2013, and Council may consider the ordinance in August 2015 – more than two years later.

Upcoming ECAC Action Plan: The main function for E-CAC for the rest of the summer is to get as many Encinitans educated on the concepts of CAP and CCE as possible. We want to “build our campaign” over the summer, so that we can have many citizens prepared to make good contacts with Council members, and be able to make good, informed comments at the CC meeting when the report is presented. A strong presence of the citizens could influence how the CC adopts the recommendations of the EEC.

ECAC Presentation: We continued to discuss neighborhood “coffee” discussions to introduce our mission. A Powerpoint presentation is being developed, and will be available for all to view and, if desired, uploaded.

Eco-Fest Contact List: Alby and Alan have trimmed the EcoFest contact list down to about 70 names who may have local interest and influence on the CAP. This was a formidable chore and props go out to Alby and Alan. The next step is to follow up with these 70 names, introduce the ECAC and its mission. We agreed to have several of the ECAC members divide this list up and make initial contact. Once contact and rapport have been established, we will seek support of our mission through endorsements, letters, comments to the City Council.

Next ECAC Meeting: Our next meeting will be after the EEC Reports have been presented to the EEC on August 13, so Jim can give up a report of that meeting. Our next scheduled meeting is at 6:30 PM on Monday, August 17, 2015 — same time/place.