This note is an update on the status of two upcoming Environmental Commission reports.

Local Community Choice Aggregation (CCA): The CCA subcommittee has finished its draft report. Commissioner Bissonette will present to the Commission on Thursday, August 13 (meeting starts at 5:30 PM). I (Jim) believe that there is a good chance that the Commission will approve the report, at which point it becomes a final and official report which is then submitted to City Council for their consideration.

The report recommends that the City actively investigate the CCA option by taking a number of no-cost or low-cost steps, including: 1) Appointment of a CCA Working Group; 2) Contact other cities to assess their CCA interest, and to consider possible partners; 3) Work with staff to research legal and technical vehicles for implementing a CCA, and 4) Start public outreach.

The City Council agenda is pretty full. It’s possible that even after the report is final and submitted, it’ll be so far down their queue that they may not see it until December, or even worse. But if they know that it’s a item that concerns residents, then they’ll be motivated to move it earlier.

The Commission’s draft CCA report is available here:¬†CCA Report

So let them know that you want a CCA! Talk to them, or send them email!

Climate Action Plan Update: I met with city staff on Wednesday August 5 to discuss the draft report I had written. Included were Mike Strong and Diane Lanager, both of whom were instrumental in creating the original Encinitas CAP. We also had Dr Nilmini Silva-Send of EPIC – the City has a contract with EPIC (funded by SDG&E) to update its GHG Inventory and its CAP. We discussed the report and how its implementation depends on what is feasible.

City staff know a lot about feasibility. We felt that the report would be much stronger if we could present it to Council while letting them know that it has the backing of both the Environmental Commission and staff. Therefore, we decided to delay the report for one month while staff reviews the report and adds their suggestions and comments. At the current time, city staff have the Word document and are evaluating it.

The report will likely be presented to the Environmental Commission at their September meeting. If it is approved, then the final version will be sent to Council for consideration.