Update on October 2: At this point, the CCA report will probably be delayed until October 28, and it’s likely that the CAP report will be delayed to that date as well. However, the dates are currently uncertain, so keep checking. The City’s website is the most definitive source; check the Council’s Agenda.

The Environmental Commission’s reports for exploring a local CCA and for recommendations for updating the Encinitas Climate Action Plan are on the City Council’s draft Agenda for October 21. The Council will hear presentations on these subjects from the Environmental Commission, then discuss them and hopefully approve them.

The CCA report is available here: CCA Report.

Council approval means that they accept the recommendations, and that staff (via the City Manager) will work towards implementing them. The report does not specify any specific actions or commitment towards implementing a CCA; no feasibility study, no explicit research into forming a CCA implementation vehicle such as a JPA, for example. Therefore, there is little risk in approving this report.

The CAP report is available here: CAP Report.

This report gives recommendations for what should be included in the CAP update; it is not itself an update of the CAP. The CAP update will be done by USD’s Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC), who is experienced in writing CAPs for other cities in San Diego County. As with the CCA Report, Council approval of this report is low risk: there is no cost involved (EPIC has a grant from SDG& for environmental work), and there is no legal commitment to follow the CAP.