About the Encinitas Climate Action Campaign

The Encinitas Climate Action Campaign (ECAC) was formed in June 2015. Our mission is simple and straightforward:

Stop Climate Change.

Climate change is a global issue, and we fully acknowledge that we alone in Encinitas cannot fix a global problem. But we can think globally and act locally.

By doing so, and working with other concerned people around the world, we can cooperatively tackle a problem that affects us all.

By acting locally, we, as a community, will work within the city and with the city government to develop and implement policies that reduce our contribution to the climate problem. We stress that we will work with the city in all ways possible, because it is only through cooperative and collaborative measures that we can be most effective.

Our organization is loosely patterned after the Climate Action Campaign founded by Nicole Capretz in the city of San Diego. While the City of Encinitas is much smaller than the City of San Diego, we share the same goals.

Our climate is global. We’re in this world together, so let’s work together to fix it.