Minutes of our June 29 Meeting

Minutes of the ECAC June 29 Meeting

Courtesy of Ed:

Attendees – Jim, Alby, Alan, Helen, Ashley, Greg, Ed

visitor – Raymond Paulson

We had a general discussion on the progress so far, specifically through the Encinitas Environmental Commission. The support of the City Council was very encouraging.

It was generally agreed that the ECAC membership should now go to friends and neighbors and explain the CAP and CCA concepts, encourage them to communicate with the City Council through letters, email, and comments at the council meetings. Also to sign petitions (now being drafted) and consider joining our group.

Jim will create a bullet point comparison of the current CAP and what the EEC will be recommending, and Ashley will create a bullet point sheet explaining the advantages of a CCA. We will then be able to use these documents as we talk with our friends and neighbors. Our hope is to have as many Encinitas residents aware of the CAP & CCA by the end of the summer when the EEC presents their report to the City Council. In addition, we would like to have as many folks attend, and we would like to submit the signed petitions at that time. The idea is to impress upon the Council that the public is concerned and that we want the city to move forward. These bullet point sheets will also be available on our website in PDF form, and easy to print.

The next meeting will be in two weeks, July 13. Check our website for details and agenda.


The EPIC Energy Blog

The EPIC Energy Blog is interesting reading for anyone curious about the legal and judicial aspects of climate science. Since EPIC (The Energy Policy Initiatives Center) is part of USD’s School of Law, it naturally focuses on the multitude of bills and laws concerning energy. Here’s the link:

The EPIC Energy Blog

Next ECAC Meeting: June 29

Next ECAC Meeting: June 29 at 7 PM

Come as early as 6:30 for informal get-to-know you chats, not to mention delicious snacks!


  1. Review of the June 17 City Council meeting (spoiler alert: Success !)
  2. Report on my (Jim) meeting with the Oceanside group.
  3. Ideas for recruiting more members:
    • Meetup
    • Add our meetings to calendars in newspapers
    • Dave’s mailing list
    • Announce at CCL, StayCool meetings
    • Talk to friends and neighbors
    • Print some business cards with our website and how to join info
    • More social media presence: Twitter, Instagram

The meeting address: 1309 Windsor Rd. 92007 … my house is the second house up a private driveway. There is limited parking on the driveway, so it’s best to park on the street and walk up the driveway.


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Minutes of our June 15 Meeting

ECAC Meeting Minutes – June 15, 2015

We opened the meeting with brief introductions followed by Jim giving a progress report from the Encinitas Environmental Commission (EEC), and a review of the EEC 15-16 Work Plan to be given at the next City Council (CC) meeting, This work plan will include:

  1. The Encinitas Environmental Award Program
  2. Review the CAP and recommend suggestions for update
  3. Evaluate the pro’s and con’s of a local CCA

The City Council meeting starts at 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 17, (they are the third commission to present, so they will be later). Some talking points for those who want to make a statement at the council meeting will be posted on our facebook page.

We also discussed how this report is expected to be followed by action:

The EEC is proposing the 3 Work Plan items listed above.

Once this report is completed, it will be presented to the CC (Two of them (the CAP and the CCA) will result in reports to Council but these reports probably won’t be until the fall timeframe).

The Council will take the report and decide on any parts that are to be acted on; CAP, CCA, etc. The two reports will recommend actions that cost money. The CAP report will recommend an update by qualified contractor ($). The CCA one will recommend passing a resolution to conduct a feasibility study (free), then a feasibility study ($). It’s hard to tell when Council will consider these, but as Dave A said, perhaps we can expedite that process by communicating with council members at frequent opportunities.

Anytime $ is involved, public support is crucial. If a council member encountered three or four people in a month who expressed concern over our CAP, it would make an impression that it’s a public concern.

This process could take as long as a year, depending on how fast the CC does their review and puts action items on the council agenda.

The E-CAC decided that this is a good time for us to educate the community. After the EEC presents their report, it would be helpful to have the CC hear from as many citizens as possible to convince them that this issue is important to the city.

Education and awareness is very important. It is easy to imagine that there are very few citizens that know that there is an EEC, what a CAP is and the the city has one, and what a CCA means. This is the role for the E-CAC… to educate as many people as possible.

The comment “Be smarter than your opponent” was made. This is very good advice, and we should use this early time to become as familiar with the CAC, CAP and CCA processes as possible. If we are to present these ideas to our neighbors, friends and their friends, we should be well versed in the subjects.

We will be looking into a “Meet-up” page to recruit more North County people, and we will reach out to other groups hoping to work together. Alby, Alan and Helen have agreed to be a committee to discover other groups in the area who are interested in Climate Change issues.

Jim set up our Facebook page and paid for domain name for our web-page. He paid $40 ($10,88 for the domain mane and $32.16 for one year of hosting), and it would be nice for us to make donations to reimburse him. The next cost will be for the Meet-up page.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 29 – same time at Jim’s house.

Best regards to all,


North County Climate Action Plan Workshop: Videos

Photos and videos of the presentations at the North County Climate Action Plan Workshop hosted by San Diego 350 on 9 May 2015 in Vista are available AT THIS LINK.


Link to presentation videos

Next Meeting Monday 15 June 7 PM

Next ECAC Meeting: June 15 at 7 PM

Text from Ed’s Email:

Good afternoon everyone.

I have been in contact with Jim Wang to look at times and dates for our next meeting and content items for the agenda.

Jim has offered his home again for us to meet, and Monday, June 15 works best for him.

Please mark your calendars for this date and let us plan to start the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with a light finger food pot luck social gathering at 6:30 as we did the last time.

We will use the meeting to prepare for the Wednesday, June 17 City Council meeting.

At our meeting, on the 15th, Jim will relay any updated information from the Encinitas Environmental Commission (EEC) meeting of June 11 (all are welcome to attend this meeting also – 5:30, city hall).

At the City Council meeting, Jim and the chair of the EEC will address the council to review their work plan and provide reasoning behind specific items of the plan.

For those who are able to attend the City Council meeting, we will want to be there in support of the EEC. Also, with the information presented by Jim and Ashley at our last meeting, and the materials provided RE: CAP and CCA, we should be able to make comments to the Council in support of a renewed CAP; binding, with goals and targets, money for staff and implementation, etc. as listed at our meeting and my last email.

Also, as I mentioned at our last meeting, each of us might want to have a neighborhood “coffee” to educate our neighbors about this project and what is in the current CAP and how it can be improved.

I am thinking that if we can get approximately 10 of our neighbors to sign a simple petition reflecting these points, and we present these petitions (all at once or separately), it might make an impact. What are your thoughts on this idea? Respond to all to start a bit of a conversation. If we want to do this, would one of you be willing to write the simple petition for us all to use?

Thanks for your time, and I will see you on June 15.

Location and Notes added by Jim:

The meeting address: 1309 Windsor Rd. 92007 … my house is the second house up a private driveway. There is limited parking on the driveway, so it’s best to park on the street and walk up the driveway.


PS: This domain name and web hosting for this site costs $43 for the first year. If you’d like to contribute, I’d certainly appreciate it!

Welcome to the Encinitas Climate Action Campaign!

Who and Why

Welcome to the ECAC! This entry gives a brief history of our organization. We were formed just weeks ago, so it’s necessarily brief.

On 9 May 2015, San Diego 350 held a North County Climate Action Plan Workshop. This informative workshop was not only informative and inspirational, but it also gathered interested attendees from all the cities in North San Diego County.


North County CAP Workshop

North County CAP Workshop

Most importantly, as far as ECAC is concerned, the workshop split into groups of representatives from each city. The Encinitas group from that workshop was the genesis of the Encinitas Climate Action Campaign.

Of course, new members are more than welcome. Our focus is on the City of Encinitas, but since we would like to work synergistically with nearby cities anyone with similar interests are welcome.

Minutes of our June 1 Meeting

Minutes of 1 June 2015 ECAC Meeting

Good morning folks,

We had a good group at our meeting last evening. There was some dynamic and energetic discussion throughout the time, and here is a very brief snapshot:

  • We discussed and voted on a group name. This took surprisingly more time than planned with some very good points on the proposed names. The result was to have a “working” name: “Encinitas Climate Action Campaign”. As our group evolves and we develop more direction, we may change this name.
  • Jim Wang reviewed the concepts behind the CAP and specifically discussed the current Encinitas CAP and the need for it to be revisited by the City Counsel.
  • Ashley Mazanec explained the CCA concept, how it works and how it could be incorporated into the Encinitas CAP.

Both Ashley and Jim will send their slides and graphs to me, and I will send them along to you for review and for those who were unable to make the meeting, to have a good intro to both the CAP and CCA.

For our action items:

  • The Environmental Commission will be presenting their report to the City Council on June 17. We decided that it would be good to attend this meeting, and speak in support of the Commissions recommendations (details from Jim to come, soon).
  • Continued letters to Councilpersons asking for a revision to the current CAP to include quantifiable goals and targets. Also to support the CCA for Encinitas.
  • Use the information provided by Jim and Ashley (I will send these out soon) to start to educate the citizens of Encinitas on the CAP and CCA… this can start by inviting neighbors over for a coffee and informal discussion. Have a petition stating in support for a renewed CAP and adoption of a CCA for the city (should we develop a petition with consistent wording to be used by all members?). These petitions can then be presented to the City Council as we go to meetings and speak.

Our next meeting will be scheduled through Doodle again, I am thinking we may want to meet just before the City Council meeting of June 17, to prepare for attending that council meeting??

Finally I want to thank Jim for offering his home for our meeting (we finished near 9:00, past the library closing time). Also I want to thank Jim and Ashley for their very informative presentations and knowledge shared during the Q/A session.

For those who were in attendance, if I have left something our or I am reporting something incorrectly, please make corrections.



I received one correction to my last. This is from Jim, and I am pasting his exact words… Thanks:

I would like to clarify one point:

The Environmental Commission will be presenting their report to the City Council on June 17. We decided that it would be good to attend this meeting, and speak in support of the Commissions recommendations (details from Jim to come, soon).

​That’s not quite true – we will not be presenting our report on that date. That is the date that Council reviews and approves the Environmental Commission’s 15-16 Work Plan (they’ll review/approve every Commission’s Work Plan at the same meeting).

Every spring we review our Work Plan for the past year and update it. Hence we have created a draft WP for the 15-16 fiscal year which starts July 1. This year our WP is a little different than previous years because I’ve added three items – the usual procedure is that Council puts items on our Work Plan rather than Commissioners. I’ve added:

  • Review CAP and suggest recommendations for update
  • Evaluate pros and cons of a local CCA and plans for implementation
  • Inaugurate and administer the Encinitas Environmental Award Program (EAP)

Since Commission-Initiated WP items are not the normal routine, it’s unknown territory so I don’t know how Council will treat them. However, as I said, I don’t think they should object us assigning ourselves work.

The Agenda for the 6/17 meeting will probably be publicly available the week before. At that point, motivated members could send emails to Council supporting these items, and should they choose to, they can voice their support at the meeting. It would be good time to start, and I hope that our group can be more vocal about our desires – no one will oil a silent wheel.


PS Assuming Council approves our WP, then we’ll probably have a report for them by the fall. Hopefully, it’ll prompt them to consider putting consideration of a CAP update on the Agenda, but it’ll take months. Since it’ll require an RFP and a contract award (ie there are $ involved) they may delay it indefinitely. We’ll have to see.